Monday, December 29, 2008

Seth's Short Story

Seth just became a member of ‘quizilla’ which has several different uses, one of which is a space to write stories. He shared his first one with me and I asked if I could share it here. He has been tinkering with writing for years (had one book almost complete then lost it somehow) and I must say he is pretty darn good. Anyway, here is his most recent literature:

A Hunters Ambition (Short Story)
Created by EnchantedGatherings
Small story I came up with when I was bored. =P
Created by EnchantedGatherings on Sunday, December 28, 2008
As the sun’s cap peaked from the edge of the eastern horizon and the darkness of night faded, a lone hunter, by appearance no older than seventeen stumbled through the thin bushes spread along the tree line to a great pine forest. Small trickles of blood ran down his face and unclothed arms, these places had been struck and scraped by the thorns of bramble as he had raced between the trees. Ignoring his small wounds he trekked through the large meadow he had been working towards for days; his pack was torn to shreds and hung on his back under the quiver that held three, fairly thin, oak arrows, each with a deadly and razor sharp metal tip pointed down into the hardened leather. His tan shirt drenched with the water of the rain that had just cleared the sky’s thirty minutes before, and his brown pants fitting to him like a loose glove, held up by his ebony colored belt and his usual broad figure.
Trekking through the grass, his boots worn and covered in the fresh morning dew he walked for a little over an hour, covering at least a mile and finally coming to a stop at a beautiful patch of flowers, full of daisies, and a few un-named specimens of woodland flower. And in the center, there stood a small doe; her head was hidden in the flowers as she fed upon them. He smiled and silently crept closer to the creature, stopping twenty yards away he swung the unstrung yew bow from his shoulder, pressing the curved base against his boot and pushing down to string the tool, its wood creaked as it was flexed to form its normal crescent shape. He raised the bow straightening his back out and turning to the side with his left shoulder facing the doe. Bringing the bow to eye level, holding it in his left hand the string pressed against his skin, reaching back with his right he pulled a single arrow from the quiver.
Twisting his left wrist out a little to bring the string off the skin of his inner arm he slotted the arrow onto the string just above the small, clear bead in the center of it. He placed the center of the arrow on the small split he had formed with his thumb and the side of the bow, sliding his right fingers along the smooth arrow stopping at the string, placing his forefinger above it and his middle, and ring fingers below it; locking them into place by curving them inwards the underside of his first knuckles gripping the string. He grinned and pulled back with his right arm, forcing the string to bend and the bow to creak once more as it flexed back, pulling the tip of the arrow closer to the bow. He had stopped as his right hand reached his cheek, aiming for the doe’s neck and closing his eyes, whispering to himself. “I am sorry my friend, but I need the nourishment you provide; please forgive me once you reach your place of peace.” Opening his eyes and readjusting his aim, allowing the string to slip from his grasp and loosing the arrow with a twang, a sound that had echoed throughout the meadow and through the trees, causing a cloud of black birds to take flight and disappear into the horizon......

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Aden has been carrying around this box that his Deigo Dinosaur Rescue Mountain came in making sure we know that he wants all the accessories shown on the box. This afternoon he crawled in and it amazed me that he fit, even with it closed! It has a handle on top and Chet can even lift him up and carry him around in the box, so funny! We had to get proof:

Friday, December 26, 2008

Emma is sitting up!!!!!

Christmas day, amongst the wrapping paper, Emma displayed some great torso strength and i just had to get pics.
Yesterday she sat up quite a bit with minimal steadiness from me..."she still has a round bottom" (as my mom used to say) so she still wobbles a bit sometimes.

High Blood Pressure

On Sat. Dec. 13th around 1:00 in the afternoon I was overtaken with a severe headache that was indescribable other than to say it felt like someone was squeezing my brain then letting go - a slow pulsating feeling and it was the worst headache i have ever had. I suffered with it for a few hours, not being able to lay down or sit or stand. I finally let Chet call the nurse line and they said i needed to go to an urgent care. So we went and they took my vitals as usual and discovered my blood pressure was 201/118 and sent me to the ER. The ER did a whole work-up including a head CT and Lumbar Puncture (to make sure it wasn't meningitis), gave me some intravenous morphine that merely took the edge off the headache. And since they didn't find anything wrong, sent me home with prescription of Lortab and told me to follow-up with my Dr on Monday about the high blood pressure.
Monday i got an appointment with my Dr. (Dr. T) and since my bp was 220/100 in her office, she put me on a blood pressure med (on this med my bp was steady around 143/95) and sent me for a CT of my lower torso - specifically the kidney's. On Friday she got the results back that say both my kidney's are small. The right one is smaller than the left and the artery to it is small as well. I do not know how small in relation to normal which is irritating to me. Monday morning we set up an appointment with a vascular surgeon for Tuesday. Monday afternoon at our follow-up appt. Dr. T put me on a 'mild sedative' due to anxiety that is causing me not to be able to sleep or eat.
Tuesday was disappointing. The surgeon (Dr. M) was just very straight forward, no real personality. Just came in and said we will do an arteriogram and ever so briefly described how it works. He did say that if there was blockage he would fix it right then. He also said that if he felt like something needed to be done about my kidney's he would refer me to a nephrologist. I walked away from that appointment more anxious than ever because i had gone in wanting answers and was just told that his office would call and tell me when to be where. As we were leaving a nurse caught us and told me that Dr. M wanted me on another bp med and gave me a few months worth of samples. So now i am on 2 bp meds and my bp is hovering at 117/75.
Dr. T asked me to call her after my appt so i did and when she called me back we talked about the appointment and my anxiety. She asked what i am anxious about and i told her mostly the unknown and the shock of it all and the fact that no one is able to tell me anything about my kidney's and what i need to do or might need to research. I told her i want to see a nephrologist even if Dr. M doesn't think i need to. She knows of a great one that she will refer me to after my arteriogram. This makes me feel a bit better but i am still anxious about the unknown, the arteriogram and the fact that this kind of thing isn't supposed to happen to me!
I have been able to curb the anxiety without meds most of the time mostly because i hate taking medicines and i hate the side effect of being so drowsy. I have started a modified South Beach Diet (actually its Phase 2 instead of starting with Phase 1) and Chet is doing it with me. I have also started walking on a treadmill a friend loaned me (thanks Aubree) but Dr. T wants me to take it easy until we get my bp all figured out and such so only 2 mph for now.
I have been spending time looking for bright spots in this and the biggest one i can think of is that i am so very grateful that i was able to give birth to Emma at home with ease. The next biggest one is that i am grateful I have such a wonderful husband and amazingly supportive friends. I am working on my faith as with this news and my recent breastfeeding challenges it really wavered so that can be considered a bright spot as well. I have great kids that are mostly helpful and sympathetic when i am lacking energy. We are blessed with great insurance. Dr. T looked at my kidney's first instead of last. I have many people praying for me. I do have so many things to be grateful for that are not directly related to the situation and i am constantly reminding myself of them and finding new ones.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not My Choice - Damn It!

As of this morning we are no longer breastfeeding. I am soooooooo sad. Everything was going well for us, Emma clearly enjoyed nursing. Then Sat. I got this horrible headache and Chet had to feed her several times during the weekend because i couldn't. I ended up in the ER due to high blood pressure and then had to follow up with my doctor on Monday. She sent me to get a CT which required iodine contrast. I was told by the hospital staff that i couldn't nurse for 48 hours afterwards. The next day i found out that i was misinformed and could have kept nursing her so i tried latching her on...she has nursed only about 4 times since then and refused to latch all day yesterday. I told myself i would try one more time this morning and though she did latch, she didn't stay on for more than 15 seconds. My supply is no where near what it was due to having to stop taking Dom because of my high blood pressure.
This journey has been bittersweet. I was able to nurse her for 4 months, much longer than the boys but the whole time was a struggle until a few weeks ago when i stopped trying everything and just decided to redefine our nursing relationship. So we had a few weeks of peaceful nursing with supplementation that i will cherish for the rest of my life and that she wont ever remember. I miss it terribly...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Aden's Gingerbread House

We had FYI friends over on Monday for a Holiday Party. We made gingerbread houses out of graham crackers. Everyone brought crackers and candy to decorate and i made royal icing and colored icing. Aden got to make one with the help of Heather (thanks!) since i was busy with Emma. Everyone had a good time and there were some great creations. I wish i had got a pic of all of it going on and afterward... I was lucky to get this pic of Aden's after it kept falling and Heather convinced him it just made it easier to eat...which he did that evening, every last bite!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jingle Bells - Aden's version

I have video of him singing this but i cant get it from my phone to the computer yet. I just *had* to post the words to what Aden calls "Jingle Bells Shells"

Jingle bells, Jingle bells
Jingles all the way
It's almost fun to ride and share
With everyone in the waaaaaay

repeat over and over and over...and over

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Asleep on Daddy

Emma will now fall asleep with long as he walks with her for so long his arm falls asleep...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Emma 3 months with Funkin


Aden built this and said "Look at the cake I made." We had watched Ace of Cakes the night before...teeheehee

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Since i have a minute i figure i will follow suit with most everyone's blogs today and list what i am thankful for. I might try keeping up with a daily or weekly gratitude list too either by blogging or just writing it down - it does so help me to see those things that are great about my life.
  • I am thankful for my kids, of course. Today was spent at United Life Spiritual Center at "Friends-Giving" and my kids were attentive, helpful and participated fully. We all had a good time relaxing amongst our chosen/Spiritual family.
  • I am thankful for my Tribe of friends as without them it would be hard to make it through the rough times as they help me keep things in perspective.
  • I am thankful for the time i spend nursing Emma. I try to stay in the moment every time and am finding it a great spiritual practice.
  • I am thankful that Emma will now let Chet get her to sleep so now it is not all me, all the time.
  • I am thankful for the shower i got this morning as of late they have been few and are farther between than i prefer.
  • I am thankful for my family. I have talked to/emailed with my sisters more this week than most times and it has helped me to appreciate them in my life.
  • I am thankful for donor breast milk, the mom's that give so freely and my wonderful husband who travels to Dallas to get it.
  • I am thankful for the beautiful day today and the great food shared...and left overs!
  • I am thankful for our new family meetings and helper jobs as it has made our lives more harmonious and life easier for me.
  • I am thankful for so many other things that i don't have time to type right now...

i think i do need to keep a running gratitude list instead of saving it up all year ;-}

Hope your Thanksgiving was a wonderful one!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Catching Up - Halloween

Here are Halloween pics with commentary:
We went to get a pumpkin and here is Angelic Aden having a great time amongst the 'patch' - he loved this pumpkin:
and these decorative corn - he tried to eat some:

We bought some popcorn cobbs and burned the first 2 - third time is a charm. Pretty cool to pop it in the cobb and it was even fairly tasty:

Aden's jackolantern. He told me how he wanted it to look. I drew it on first to make sure he would like the final result. Next year we will have the right tools for him to do it himself:
What was he for Halloween? A fruit bat of course:
And Emma had a Kangaroo costume that Aden picked out for her but didnt get worn. She wore this outfit instead and helped me pass out candy. The shirt says "Daddy's under my spell"

Seth wanted to be a vampire but didnt want to shell out the cash for a good realistic costume and accessories. He stayed home to pass out candy and seemed to enjoy pics of him doing so, sorry.

Catching Up - Handsome Angst

This pic was taken by Seth and is quite a good one of his hair *and* handsome face:

Catching up - Emma 2 month pic with Funkin

Here is Emma at 2 months with her build-a-bear Funkin (caught a smile even!):

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Breastfeeding Challenges Story

My story starts almost 14 years ago but I will try to keep things brief :}
I was a 22 year old single mom when my now 14 year old was born. He was born at a freestanding birth center with no interventions or hoopla…great pregnancy, great birth. At his 3 week well-child appointment the midwives said he was not yet back up to birth weight and suggested I see a lactation consultant. The one they recommended was on vacation so I ended up seeing one at a local hospital. She watched me with him for a short while and said, “looks like you are doing everything right, I think you are stressed and that is why your milk supply is low. You need to supplement.” She gave me formula samples yet still encouraged me to breastfeed. I tried in vain (with very little support) for 3 more weeks until I just couldn’t deal with it any more…I was way too stressed at that point to see any benefit in me continuing to try…

Fast forward to 3 ½ years ago and add a wonderfully supportive husband. I had a bit of a harder pregnancy (a couple weeks on precautionary bed rest for mild bleeding) but over-all it went well. Gave birth at home with midwives. No interventions or hoopla – great birth! I was determined to breastfeed and made it my focus. I used the excuse that it was winter and RSV season to not go anywhere (except the dr.) and not have visitors. Since the situation was completely different than the first, I was not quite as anxious as I could have been though I did read more info on breastfeeding than with the previous. I read “The Womanly Art Of Breastfeeding” and a few other books I found at the library. I was told by everyone not to worry about pumping or anything else just to make sure I was eating & drinking enough and that I was offering the breast at LEAST every 2 hours. So I did, I tried to relax about it all and my husband was a great support…making sure I ate well and drank lots of water, etc. At about 2 weeks we did the circumcision and the dr. was very slightly concerned about weight and asked us to come in for weight checks every other day (or something that seemed like a lot at the time). I started pumping and getting very little but saving every drop. He was either nursing, sleeping or crying…there was really no middle ground and I was feeling like something wasn’t right. I called a different recommended lactation consultant and she said “it sounds like you are doing everything right” which I held onto and just kept doing what I was doing…offering the breast as often as he would take it, waking him if he slept more than 2 hours…everything I had read or heard, I tried – fenugreek and blessed thistle included. I felt like I was being tested every time I stepped foot in the dr. office so I stopped going, after all I was “doing everything right.”
When he turned 6 weeks, I needed to go see a friend (former LLL leader – I had forgotten that at the time) and a few days after we saw each other she called with a concern that he wasn’t filling out the way he should have been. Add that comment to the underlying fear of not doing something right but being told I was, I broke down crying on the phone with her. I called the same breastfeeding consultant and she came over the next day to watch us. Again “it looks like you are doing everything right.” But this time was different than any other time of being told I was doing things right. She went on to say “he is not filling out the way he should be so I am concerned about a genetic disorder.” She recommended (and went with me) to her pediatrician.
Long story longer, he had gone from 8lbs at birth to 6lbs. 5oz. in 6 weeks with me “doing everything right.” The Dr. set up all kinds of testing and recommended I get a supplemental nurser (the thing you put formula in and attach to your breasts while you nurse) to help him gain weight while still breastfeeding. I re-read everything I could about breastfeeding in hope of finding something I didn’t read before. I tried and tried and tried and tried to continue nursing and ended up with the flu but still nursed/pumped pretty much round the clock. During this time, we found out there was no disorder and it had to be a supply issue. A last ditch effort on my part I got a prescription for Reglan(sp) and tried that – in vain. I was too sick to continue – I just couldn’t go on so formula it was – defeated again.

While awaiting Emma's arrival I was more determined than ever to breastfeed. I started going to Le Leche League meetings a few months before she was born. I am re-re-read “The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding” and reading the articles some from LLL sent. I told everyone I know that breastfeeding is my mission and sole focus with this baby and that until I have established a good supply, they probably wouldn't be seeing much of me/baby. I had a friend (who has 7 kids and much experience in breastfeeding) set up to be my post-partum doula – her main focus being to help facilitate breastfeeding in any way needed. I have an arsenal of friends that have successfully breastfed at least 2 children in addition to the wonderful mama’s I met at LLL meetings. I have a digital infant scale, a good quality pump, and every possibility of what I *might* have needed available, including the herbs so it would never be a matter of “I don’t have that on hand.” I kept saying and affirming I WILL SUCCEED and will breastfeed as long as this lil person will let me!

When Emma was born at home unassisted - a great birth again, the beginning looked very promising as she latched well and my milk came in on day 3. Little did I know that when I weighed her a week later she would have lost 1lb instead of the normal 10% with an increase beginning by that time. We went to the pediatrician who was very supportive and suggested supplementing with a Supplemental Nursing System (SNS) instead of bottles and recommended seeking help from LLL and lactation consultants. So we supplemented and I contacted everyone I knew could possibly help. There were many suggestions, most of what I had already read/heard but some I hadn’t. We rented a hospital grade pump and I tried to pump but that is hard to accomplish when baby wants to be held and there is no consistent help due to Chet having to go back to work. I started to really loath the pump and only used it once or twice a day which was totally ineffective. I got a prescription for Domperidone and of course started taking herbal supplements and eating everything I could that is supposed to increase supply.
At week 2, I took Emma to an ENT to see if she was tongue tied – “she looks perfect” was the ENT’s response. One of my friends started pumping for us and encouraged me to become a member of MilkShare (thanks Phoebe) and get more donor milk so Emma could have the best live-food instead of having to use artificial dead-food formula (thanks ladies). Around 2 months we started physical therapy and found her suck was weak and disorganized so did various things to strengthen it.
It has been 3 months of supplementing (both myself in form of herbals and prescriptions and Emma in form of donor milk) and I am coming to a point of not seeing any progress. As a matter of fact we discovered through test weights that Emma wasn’t getting the amount from me that we thought she was based on her weight gain, so somewhat of a set-back. A dear friend who has gone through a similar situation has helped me soooo very much in figuring out things to try and encouraging me (thanks Felicia) called a lactation consultant in New York who is an expert in sucking as related to breastfeeding. Through her, Felicia has been giving me even more things to try. We switched from the SNS to special bottles (Breastflow) that require Emma to nurse at the bottle instead of just suck like normal bottles which actually corrected her suck and latch issues. Emma nurses from me then has her donor milk from the bottle.
As a last ditch effort, I committed myself to pumping for 10 days to see if I could increase my supply that way. We had an appointment with a pediatric ENT to get a second opinion on the tongue-tie as we suspect a possible type 4 tongue tie which is hard to diagnose, again "she looks perfect" was the diagnoses. It was my hope that through pumping and her nursing prior to the bottle, my milk would increase and we could stop using the bottles at some point. Due to the pump not increasing supply, the fact i didn't not have any breast changes during or after pregnancy, i think i have Insufficient Glandular Tissue. As an effort to find out why i cant feed my babies i went to a breast imaging center only to find out there is nothing that can diagnose this definitively because each woman is so different there is not a quantifier to know how much glandular tissue is needed to produce milk. There is also no way to know that if the glands i do have are working properly and the closest we could come to seeing the glands would be a mammogram which would also show fibrous tissue the same way so it would really only tell us how much fibrous and glandular tissue i have combined.
So now i am reduced to having to say "i don't produce enough milk" which is used as a cop-out in more situations than not. This says nothing of the 3 months of hell and emotional torment i have lived just trying to do something as natural and simple as feeding my baby. It seems a sick joke to be able to easily give birth to my babies yet not be able to feed them.
I am surrendering to what is, I will nurse Emma prior to the bottle for as long as she will let me and be at peace with using the bottle. I will be eternally grateful for the donor milk she receives for as long as we can get it. This defines our current nursing relationship. I appreciate the prayers and support we have received through this time as i would not have made it very far without it.
(Update) We have not been nursing since 12/18/08 but Emma has thankfully still been on breastmilk due to my wonderful donors! Thanks doesn't even come close to what i want to express...breast milk donors ROCK!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cuteness Warning

In process of wanting to get a pic of how cute she is in this outfit, Aden wanted in the pictures and i am soooo glad he did. I was able to capture the love they both have for each other. Aden adores Emma to the point of Emma loves him talking and singing to her and looks for him when she hears his voice nearby. I wish there were a way to get both faces without posing them...
i tried to get Aden to turn his head more my direction and he thought that meant to smile for the camera...teeheehee what a ham! Emma is smiling too, look at the love in her face!
And one by herself to show how cute the outfit is on her...notice Aden's hand, he just cant stop touching her.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Growing like a pea...

Emma used to fit in this cute onesie gifted by Izzy:
Now she fits in this cute onesie gifted by Kameron:

Friday, September 26, 2008

Emma is 6 weeks old

This pic is from 9/17/08, same date as last pic with Funkin. Emma is not really much bigger than last pic, just more stretched out:
Emma being 6 weeks brings up memories/thoughts of when the boys were this age. I was already back at work and Seth slept in a drawer at the salon while i worked. By this time he had already been pretty much everywhere since he was a summer baby and i bounced back rapidly, plus i bottle fed him due to early supply issues. Aden was overcoming significant weight loss due to my lack of milk supply. He had only been out of the house for Dr. visits due to being born during RSV season. And here we are with Emma, who overcame her weight loss early because i learned from Aden and we are working our tails off to increase supply. She has now been only to Dr. visits, Phoebe's house and today we ventured into BabiesRUs and Target to return some items. I have become more protective with each child, not sure if that is normal but it just seems they grow so fast, i dont want to miss a single thing.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Can't forget Seth...

...he won't let me. LOL!
Seth went to Not Back To School Camp for a week (Aug 28-Sept 4) and had to get his hair recolored first. I don't have pics right now but hoping to get some soon. Anyway, his hair looked very cool and he had a great time. He has plans for going to 2 sessions next year and is in process of getting a resume together to get a job to be able to save money for the trip. He had quite the experiences flying, one of them being that the flight from Denver to OKC on the way home was delayed due to weather. Luckily he had friends from camp to hang with while they were all waiting to get on planes to get home. I will try to post more later with pics but for now Emma needs to nurse. If you see Seth around, you might ask him how camp was.

What's Aden been up to?

I feel like this is becoming all the Emma channel "All Emma, All the Time" (teeheehee some of you will know that from Elmo's World on Sesame Street).

I have managed to take pics of some of Aden's activities throughout the last few weeks. Mostly he is in Emma's face saying "Isn't her cute?" and other terms of endearment. But there have been other things going on:
On 8/21 Chet and Aden built a house from the freezer box (got a new chest freezer for all the meals people were bringing..thanks ya'll):

And on 8/31 Aden painted a picture on our fence with mud and a stick (note mud hole in front of fence):

On 9/1

Aden got a new pool. The one Melissa got us had a air leak (prolly from the cat) and had to be disposed of so to compensate Chet took Aden to the store to pick out a pool...not much to choose from but he found "The coolest pool in the whole world" and in the second pic you can see why it is so very cool:

On 9/5 Chet took pics of the house to send his grandmother and Aden posed for her..."See this is our house":

Last but not least yesterday he did what he does the most of...playing with Emma:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nursed to sleep (no SNS)

Not sure who reads my blog vs. who gets email updates regarding Emma but i wanted to shout from the rooftops. Emma fell asleep while nursing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had the SNS all ready to go but she fell asleep before switching to the side w/ the SNS. She slept for about an hour with me carrying her around doing things even!
I am going to relish this feeling and focus on it as something else we have to look forward to when we have weaned off the SNS!

Friday, September 12, 2008


The amazing friend of mine that donates milk for Emma also made this very cute hat. My friend Brandy gave Emma this onesie. You can't really tell from the pics but there is a cat stitched on the chest that is the sme colors as the hat. Made a very cute ensamble and i just had to take pics:

Monday, August 18, 2008

Emma's birth story and pics

Emma's birth story has to start the night before to be sure to include a humorous bit of info. A bit of background: Seth was born at a freestanding birth center 14 years ago, Aden born at home with midwives 3.5 years ago and Emma was a planned unassisted pregnancy and birth. Trust Birth!

A nice evening for the electricity to go out...and the A/C to not turn back on! We didn't really notice until after 11pm when it usually kicks on for our lower sleeping temp. We really, really noticed it when we were awake at 2:30am with pretty close contractions. Chet decided to call the A/C people first thing 'in the morning'

Straight up 8am, Chet called the A/C people and they said someone would be out right after their staff meeting. Not sure what time it was but they got here pretty quick and while Chet was getting him situated I was in our bedroom feeling like Emma would arrive any time. So I called him in...he excused himself from the A/C guy by saying "I need to go in, we are right in the middle of a birth." Luckily, Melissa was here to keep Aden preoccupied and she dealt with the guy until Chet needed to write the check.

As soon as Chet returned to the room from writing said check, I was entering transition. I couldn't seem to find a good position and wished we had rented a birthing stool. So, i am calling my position "frog style" - Chet was behind me with hot washrags on my lower back and reminding me of how smooth and good everything was going. Perfect encouragement at just the right times. What a great hubby, words can't describe! I worked at trying to maintain the hypnobirthing relaxation and resigned to just making myself focus...with a few quietish moans and 3 pushes, Emma was born.

Into an environment of shamanic music, only natural light from the windows, in our very own bedroom. Caught by both her daddy and mommy, perfectly perfect. Started crying right away and calmed the minute she was in my arms. Best thing, aside from her being born is that she latched on within the first hour! We are breastfeeding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of you know how much that means to me. (update on this: not going so well - working hard to increase supply, a friend is helping by pumping milk for Emma so she gets minimal formula in the SNS i use during nursing)

Here are some pics:
Proud Papa:
Proud big brother (and great (proud too) friend Melissa):

Big Bubber (see how much she looks like him?):

Emma with her Build-a-Bear - Funkin (will be taking a monthly picture with bear to compare size):

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Emma is here!!!!!!

Today is actually 8/8/08 and it is now 11:28am. I just had this great idea to create a draft to post when she is actually here...just have to fill in the blanks and post! How genius is that??? So here we go:

Emma Dawn Putnam
Born: 8/13/08 10:27 am
Weight: 7lbs9oz (correction: scale read 7.9lbs which converts to 7lbs 14.4oz)
Length: 20 1/2 inches

Mom and baby are doing wonderfully! Will post pics and birth story later.

Aden says "She is very pretty and I sang her a song like this:

don't letta fuss go bye

don't let the fussy go bye

right now in the rain drops

and don't be afraid of me

don't be a fussy ever again!"

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Millions of Peaches...

This is a song that has been stuck in our heads for the last several days. A friend of mine from ULSC mentioned going peach picking and i asked her to get us some so she did (THANKS NINA!). She got 1/2 a bushel which is equal to about 20 pounds. What does a family of 4 do with 20lbs of peaches?

Well some we have been eating - they are like candy! So yummy you can't have just one (oh wait that is chips, huh?). Anyway, there were some that needed to be used right away so i spent an evening out on my back porch peeling and cutting peaches while Aden played in the inflatable pool and Chet mowed. It was so peaceful, even with Chet mowing! Can you tell i love our home?
Anyway, i think i did about a million peaches until i had enough of shooing the 2 pesky flies away and retreated inside. We put them away (except for some i have used in my morning smoothies) until we had the supplies to make pies (today). Chet researched recipes and made a peach pie. I admit neither one of us tackled making the crust but the insides are all Chet's doing (well Aden helped a bit).
Ala there any other way to eat peach pie???
Look at how yummy the inside looks!

Chet cutting the first piece...such a smarty pants...the smile is him making fun of me taking pics of the momentous occasion! First homemade pie in our very own home!

None of us wanted to wait to eat it but we did and were so very rewarded! YUMMMMMMMY!!!!!!! He didn't want to make the second pie tonight so i think i might try my hand at it tomorrow (still using store bought crust, mind you) and use up the rest of the cut peaches.

Friday, August 8, 2008

What is this thing?

Chet and Aden were outside prepping to mow the yard (what else to do when waiting for baby sister to show signs of being born?) and found this:
We told him it was a cicada shell and i started trying to describe the process but failed miserably. So i said, "Hey, let's look it up!" We did a quick search and found this neat page with just enough info to satisfy what he wanted to know and boy did i learn a ton!
So the pics are of Aden and his new friend, the nymph exoskeleton. He doesn't want to touch or hold it, of course. He doesn't like cicadas because they "make that loud noise." We learned that the loud noise is the males serenading the females for mating purposes (why else?) after living 2-17 years (yes, years!) under ground on the root of a tree. So now he says, "I don't like their singing." Unschooling rocks - without it i wouldn't have been inclined to look this up. I mean really, i am sure Seth asked the same question when he was younger and i probably just said something like "its a locust shell, let's make a wish and crush it!" I certainly wouldn't have gone through the 'trouble' of looking it up and learning a bit myself in the process.