Monday, June 30, 2008


It really hasn't hit me yet but we closed on the house today! We will soon be in our own place, free to do and be who we are w/o restrictions (well other than legal
It feels good to have had the carpets steam-cleaned this afternoon! The previous owner came to show us how to use certain things in the house - what a sweet lady, we are so blessed to have found this home. It's hard to describe the connection i feel towards her and the house but there is a huge reason we 'lucked' into it - yet to be revealed. We have taken one load of boxes over to the house and plan to take 2 loads tomorrow. My wonderful husband and son are at the storage now (10:45pm) loading up what we will take in the morning and Seth and I will do another load tomorrow.
The rest of the week proves to be busy but not overwhelming as i am making sure to keep a watch on my activity level. Being about 5 or 6 weeks from giving birth is really making me tired more and more so I am doing my best to listen to my body and not do too much while still feeling that i am not being stagnant. It is probably good that i am pregnant or we would be moving everything RIGHT
Saturday is the big moving day and my only real concern besides the heat is how to heck we will get the trampoline moved safely. I really really really don't want to have to take the springs out of it and put it back together. We have removed the safety net and the legs but the round part is still in tact...i want it to stay that way if we can.
I hope i can sleep tonight - just thinking about all the stuff there is to do and the fact that i *want* to do it is keeping me awake right I think Seth is more excited than he is letting on - he has said "We have a house" about 3 times today. He is mapping out the painting and overall layout of his room in his head (sharing bits and pieces at times). It is neat to see he and Aden getting used to the idea. Great fun and experiences ahead for us Putnam's!

Dinosaurs with 'Gilboat'

So my dear friend Phoebe came to my rescue and agreed to let Aden come over to play while we closed on our new house. This is amazing to me because i realized late last night that i had forgot that detail and sent her an email asking if he could come over. She said "Sure, see you tomorrow." HUGE sigh of relief for me!
This morning i dropped him off and he literally disappeared up their stairs...not even a second glance at me! Mind you he has been there several times prior but it has been a while since the last time and i don't remember ever leaving him there. Anyway, since he was perfectly comfortable and at ease, i did a uncharacteristic dump and run since we needed to get to the closing.
Upon my return he said "Ohhh man. I want to stay a little bit longer." Fee and I talked for a short while but Chet needed to get to work so i couldn't stay long. She promised to post pics on her blog of his stay and i just saw them - sooo cute!
We have been gone from her house since about noonish and very busy but just a minute ago he said "I want to go to Phoebe's house." Then about 10 min later said it again and when i told him we couldn't go over there right now he said "Ohhh man! I want to play dinosaurs with Gilboat!" (his name is Gilbert but Aden hasn't mastered it quite yet). He was very distraught and tried to explain to me that he and Gilboat needed to play dinosaurs and he misses him.
Brother (Seth) to the rescue in an overheard conversation about why we couldn't go to Phoebe's and what they might be doing. Evidently he understood and accepted because now he is not yelling at me the we need to go over there.
How heartwarming it is to know the boys play so well together and that Aden is expressing wanting to see his friend again! I am sure we will be asking to come play with Gilboat and the dinosaurs again soon!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Aden the Ankylosaurus

Aden is obsessed with dinosaurs. I don't know if i have mentioned it in previous posts but the boy even talks about them in his sleep! He knows names and diet of more dinosaurs than i ever even knew existed until he was interested in them. Thanks to one of my friends, Kameron, we now have a book that even has the pronunciation with all the other info - a great field guide as far as i am concerned! It has been great fun to learn with him and after we get moved we will be purchasing a membership to the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History in Norman...since we will be closer and it will be easier to go more often.

Yesterday while Seth was doing his chiropractor stuff Aden had his dinosaurs. We matched them with the dino's in the field guide and he sorted them in meat eater and plant eater lines. We talked about what period each of them lived in and of the ones he had with him we only had one that was from the Jurassic Period, all the others were from the Cretaceous period...i found that interesting.

The other day he was playing in Grandpa's room and found a fly swatter (Aden has developed a fear of flies...argh but that's another post). He brought the fly swatter to me asking for me to tape it to his butt to make a tail. I told him tape wouldn't work and as i thought about it a minute i remembered we had some ribbon and his shorts had loops. So i tied it on for him and he informed me that he was an Ankylosaurus. Got down on the floor and started swinging his tail around...had to get a pic of that, ya know!
Here is a pic of a 'real' ankylosaurus for reference and to help your imagination see Aden as one:

Today we have been playing with the dino's and i have been the stegosaurus who is as afraid of meat eaters as Aden is of flies. It has been comical and fun to role play with him and bring the dino's to life.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Moving Party Postponed

Wellllll, we don't close until Monday, June 30th at 10:30am. This means our moving party will have to wait until the July 4th weekend...what timing huh?
I have carpet cleaning set for 2pm on Monday, flea prevention set for 10:30am on Tuesday and will probably clean Tuesday night (can't vacuum for 3 days after the flea prevention treatment so that will wait until Friday morning). So the main moving party will be Saturday July 5th.
I figure i will probably move some boxes into the garage starting Wednesday throughout the rest of the week so the only things to move on Sat. are things i just simply can't help with (or couldn't gain access to). Who knows, i may unpack a few things as i go and/or on Sat. while the heavier stuff is getting moved over.
Boy will it be nice to be in our own place!!!!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

House Closing Update

Mortgage company called about 5:15pm today to let me know that the VA Appraiser didn't upload the appraisal today but that the Closer said that if he does it by Monday we will still close on Wednesday, June 25th. We should know for sure by noon on Monday. Technically the man has 5 days to get the form uploaded. I am not sure if that means 5 regular business days or just 5 days. Everything else has been real days, not business days so if we go by that he should have it done by Sunday, if it is business days that would make it Tuesday. Ironic how the hold ups have been the VA...go figure.
I am going to focus on closing on Wednesday at 10:30am! I would appreciate everyone else holding that thought as well :-} I am looking forward to having a moving party next weekend!!!!!!!

Aden's Castle

This morning i was doing some organizing of our desk and getting laundry started while Aden played with his Legos. He usually requests help and/or gets frustrated because they don't go together just the way he thinks they should. Today, i barely even knew he was playing with them. During a 'switch laundry' time he followed me in the laundry room with this:
Saying "Look at my castle!" So either the process went smoothly for him today or he worked through his frustrations - either way what a great castle! He absolutely loves the "little man" and since taking the pictures he has moved him several times on the castle. He was not satisfied with just taking a picture of the castle itself, he wanted evidence that it was his. He even put on shorts for the occasion!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I would like to take credit for teaching Aden everything he knows but I simply can't. He has learned more through the seemingly mindless act of watching television than i really care to admit due to my own issues with TV. He of course has learned a ton from us reading to him and of course just general interaction with family and friends to which a lot of credit goes to our unschool group, FYI-OKC.

Right now he is into dinosaurs and can name several. He is also kind of into fish/marine animals. This weekend i reorganized all his toys (they were just in a mound in front of his bookshelves and thus not getting played with) and today he rediscovered his fishing set (given to us by a friend). He had just been sitting there 'fishing' when all the sudden he stopped and started sorting the marine animals. He was saying "this lives in the water" and "this lives out of the water" and he was sorting each animal into lines of their own. I took 2 pictures because i couldn't decide which you would be able to distinguish what things actually are. There are crabs (off to the side because they live out of the water) and then together there are sting rays, sea horses, octopus, and crocodiles (they live in the water).

Cow Caller Instrument

I meant to post this right after he did this because it was so darn cute but alas, we got busy. So Here it is...give Aden a paper plate and he will figure out something to make. This time it was what he called a "Cow Caller Instrument." Here he is demonstrating how it works:
Cutest part was that it really worked and really sounded like a cow (though thankfully much more quiet). I cant really let you in on the secret of how to make them because it looks like he just rolled it up and folded it but when he unrolled it and tried again, it didn't work the same so i am glad i got a picture of the "one-of-a-kind-paper-plate-cow-caller-instrument!" And here he is posing for the camera to display his creation:

Thursday, June 5, 2008

When your son asks for nail polish remover...

Seth's girlfriend painted his nails black about a week ago and they looked pretty cool (would look better if he wouldn't bite his nails) but I guess it started to come off and look really bad so this morning he asked "Mom, do we have any nail polish remover?" It was kind of comical because it was so matter of fact - as if all 13 year old boys need remover.
When he came home the day she painted his nails he also had eyeliner (and other eye make-up) on. He looked really good except his hair wasn't straightened into his cool 'emo' look. I think he expected a different reaction from me, being mom and all. He forgets i was "punk" when in high school and beyond so what some would see as crazy/weird is pretty normal for
When we get into our house i look forward to coloring his hair and all the other funky things he might wanna do. Of course i draw the line at doing piercings myself but i think it would be fun to take him to get it done...whatever piercing he might want.
Oh and i meant to blog this a few weeks ago...Seth and i have our best conversations in the car and one day the topic was "what is Emo music?" - like how is it defined and how do you know something is Emo as opposed to some other type. That is the day i finally made the connection - Emo is the new Goth - at least for the most part. I am realizing that things really haven't changed that much since i was a teen, just different labels for the same stuff. What we called Punk and/or Goth in 'my day' is now Emo, at least to the current teens in my life. And even though Seth may resist it, he and i have a lot more in common than he likes to admit. I may not get into gaming or myspace and i sure as hell cant skate - i do enjoy the same music and styles and actually understand it all (now that the connection is more clear) yet my perspective is different than 23 years ago...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Words - Magic or Otherwise

Aden recently started telling us "You have to say the magic word." Of course the first time he said that i assumed he meant "please" and wondered where he had heard that phrase. But thankfully, instead of just saying "please," i asked him what the magic word is. He said "Abracayogabbagaba." I asked him to repeat it to see if it would stay the same and it did and for several days that was the magic word we had to say to get results. He has also been so cute in waving his arms and hands around in a magic fashion saying magic words and telling us he is doing magic.

Then yesterday the magic word changed, several times in fact. It is always a combination of Abracadabra and Yo Gabba Gaba but changes nonetheless. And i figured out where he heard "say the magic word" - on Yo Gabba Gaba DJ Lance (i think) says to say the magic word to get the weird lil monster/figures to come to life and the magic word is none-other than Yo Gabba Gaba. AND on at least Little Bear, Calliou and Little Bill they have done magic tricks involving saying the magic word of "Abracadabra" My lil man just combined them into one!

And for that split second i was worried that someone had been telling him the say the magic word of "Please" before they would let him do/have something! I know in general society it is best to be polite to get the things we want or want to do and i *do* remind my family (and friends) to say please but i do not insisted they say it before they get to do or have and it is certainly NOT a magic word!

Other words we are experiencing are what i call "grown-up words." General society calls them bad but in reality they are just words that someone deemed 'bad' and was persuasive enough to get others to follow suit. I call them grown-up words; my opinion is that because society deems these words bad (giving them more power then they really have), one has to learn when it is appropriate to use them if at all. I don't call them adult words because if a child has learned the appropriate timing, they should be able to use any word they wish and some adults don't even know the appropriate time to use them. By appropriate timing i mean generally a time when it wont offend others - its about respect after all.

Anyway, i do not monitor my speech in front of my kids as a general rule though i *do* monitor myself around other people & kids because i respect that other parents don't use such language at all let alone around children. Aden has caught on, with Seth's help, that to say grown-up words you get a bigger response than just saying accepted words. This has been a challenge because Seth sees using the words as a right of passage - over the last few years he has finally learned when to use certain grown up words and is still learning on others. So for him to hear his 3 year old brother say them, just about kills him. He makes a huge deal out of the words and Aden wants to say them all the more. I tend to not react other than reminding him that it is not appropriate to use that word in that situation and sometimes ignoring is just what is best at the time. The ONLY thing i really worry about is Aden saying such things in the presence of other kids or adults that don't understand or condone my view. I know the newness of these words will pass and once all the family members get on board about not overreacting, it will be much easier. Until then i hold my breath when he gets frustrated with me in public as GD has become his favorite - gets a bigger response from Seth. We are working on using God Bless instead...

Along with spoken word, Aden is getting more and more interested in reading. Not us reading to him though he has always loved that. He puts his finger on the words and makes up the word he thinks needs to be there. It is quite fun to watch him do this, making up his own little stories as he goes. We just won a bid on eBay for 6 Leap Pad books and a carrying case. I think he will LOVE using them! It will be fun to watch him develop as he is one that doesn't want you to sit and teach him, he wants to figure it out on his own most of the time so i think the Leap Pad will thrill him!

Those are all the words i have regarding go back and count how many times i used the word "word"