Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What's in a Name?

I bought a baby name book a while back and started immediately trying to find a first name that would go with a middle name of Dawn/Don. I literally read every name in the 100,000+ names book and only came up with a few that i liked the sound of the name and that fit into our limited (by me mostly) criteria. This criteria was:

  • No A, S, C, D or P as first letter.
  • Since the middle name is 1 syllable the first name should be 2.
  • It needs to be somewhat unique yet not weird or too hippie sounding (though i love names like that).
  • Would be nice to have 4 letters in first name (like both boys).
  • It cant be a name of someone i currently know (and i seem to know a lot of people) or have icky memories of.
  • and right now i cant remember the rest.

On the initial list were 9 boy names and 11 girl names. Chet labeled his top 3 out of each but the more i read the names i just didn't like them. Then we discovered this little one is a girl so I started the search again yet more focused and even tried to expand the criteria by looking through the A, S, C and D names yet being even more adamant about no names ending in the "ee" sound...too preppy sounding for my taste.
I started again at the front of the baby name book vetoing names left and right. Chet and I spent some date time a few weeks ago going through some other books at Barnes & Noble. I discovered that a name i liked had a different meaning in a different book - which prompted yet other explorations of names that i liked to see what differences there were. And other people started suggesting names.
Interesting how when you know what gender a baby is the more involved people come in advice and suggestions. This to me was the hardest aspect of the naming...being very grateful for people's input and help, i found it harder and harder to point out what i didn't like about or why i couldn't use a certain name. In hind-sight maybe the appropriate reply would have been "i appreciate your suggestions, i will add them to our list of considerations" but i felt the need to explain so maybe these well-meaning people could fine-tune their suggestions. Then i started feeling like i was just shooting people down - as if not liking the names they suggestions, somehow told them i don't like them as people. This put more pressure on me to find a name to tell everyone so they stop suggesting so i didn't have to be put in the position of shooting people's ideas down. Interesting how i put all this on myself, huh?
So i finally made it through all of the names A-Z last night. There has still not been anything that grabs me and says "THAT'S IT!" but the name i have liked for a while now and discovered the alternative meaning to is what we are going to go with. This name is a classic (in my eyes) and reminds me of a little girl I new about 10 or 11 years ago (she would be about 12 now, i think). The meaning is what really seals the deal for me as it sums up what i believe about all kids (and people in general).
I am guessing at this point you are wanting to know what the name and meaning are...

Emma Dawn Putnam

Emma means Whole, Complete, Universal. What better name for a child? What better way to remind that child each time you say their name that they are perfect, whole and complete just as they are? What better way to conclude the naming of children (this is our last) than with a name that means complete? And how sweet a name for a little girl...Little Emma Dawn...

Here is a pretty neat site if you want to see more about the name Emma:

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tie Dye Explosion

Our first FYI event at our new house was great! We hosted a tie-dye party in our backyard and everyone got ot dye their newly purchased FYI shirts. The Putnam family bought 7 shirts (with logo screen printed) plus 5 onsies (to iron-on logo). The onsies are mainly to loan to new FYI babies since it seems we will never have a shortage of them...LOVE IT! Anyway, i did 2 blue and 2 pink and 1 multi-colored (all size 0-3 mo since that is all walmart had except 12-24 mo):

Aden dyed 2 shirts (I tied):

Seth tied and dyed 2:

Chet said he didnt care what i did with his - tie-dye or leave white. I opted to absorb the dye off the table (we will probably re-do his):I tied and dyed 2 (the first one i forgot to soak in soda ash first - Seth says it looks like a peach-fuzz effect):

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ultrasound Pics

Well i *think* i finally have the CD figured out. Well at least Chet showed me how to access it the right way. Here are a few pics. We got the 4D ultrasound and were amazed at how clear the pics came out. Pretty crowded in there so only got sections. Lucky she was breech or we wouldn't have got good pics of her darling lil face. Someone compared the orange-y colored ones with an oil painting...
Her sweet lips:
Her chubby lil cheeks:

Her itty bitty hand resting near her nose:

Here is a shot between the legs to her 'girl parts' ("girls look like a hamburger, boys like turtles" the tech said). We were actually pretty lucky to get this shot because right after she captured it, lil miss moved:

Friday, July 11, 2008's a baby!

I know some of you are prolly sick of me saying that but it is funny to me so pbhbt! Seriously though, we did have an ultrasound to find out positioning. While there, I caved and decided to find out what gender this lil package is. Chet was ecstatic to find out - its a girl. I really was set on the fact that it really doesn't matter and either way would be great so the only difference it makes to me is that my friends will now stop pestering I am not sure what i am doing wrong with the disc we received with pics on it but when i get it figured out i will post a pic or two.
On the more clinical side, all organs and limbs are present and functioning as they should. She is not quite in position yet - needs to do a somersault before birth for optimal positioning and i feel certain that she will soon.
Everything else is going well - everyone who helped me move is a God-send and my friends that have helped me unpack a TON of stuff in addition to helping us move are saints! Thanks to all!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Books According to Seth

Seth just came in my room and said, "This is why i like books, if i am hungry and want to get something to eat i can just take the book with me and it's like a portable movie."

So, books are like portable movies...pretty neat analogy if you ask me!