Monday, August 18, 2008

Emma's birth story and pics

Emma's birth story has to start the night before to be sure to include a humorous bit of info. A bit of background: Seth was born at a freestanding birth center 14 years ago, Aden born at home with midwives 3.5 years ago and Emma was a planned unassisted pregnancy and birth. Trust Birth!

A nice evening for the electricity to go out...and the A/C to not turn back on! We didn't really notice until after 11pm when it usually kicks on for our lower sleeping temp. We really, really noticed it when we were awake at 2:30am with pretty close contractions. Chet decided to call the A/C people first thing 'in the morning'

Straight up 8am, Chet called the A/C people and they said someone would be out right after their staff meeting. Not sure what time it was but they got here pretty quick and while Chet was getting him situated I was in our bedroom feeling like Emma would arrive any time. So I called him in...he excused himself from the A/C guy by saying "I need to go in, we are right in the middle of a birth." Luckily, Melissa was here to keep Aden preoccupied and she dealt with the guy until Chet needed to write the check.

As soon as Chet returned to the room from writing said check, I was entering transition. I couldn't seem to find a good position and wished we had rented a birthing stool. So, i am calling my position "frog style" - Chet was behind me with hot washrags on my lower back and reminding me of how smooth and good everything was going. Perfect encouragement at just the right times. What a great hubby, words can't describe! I worked at trying to maintain the hypnobirthing relaxation and resigned to just making myself focus...with a few quietish moans and 3 pushes, Emma was born.

Into an environment of shamanic music, only natural light from the windows, in our very own bedroom. Caught by both her daddy and mommy, perfectly perfect. Started crying right away and calmed the minute she was in my arms. Best thing, aside from her being born is that she latched on within the first hour! We are breastfeeding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of you know how much that means to me. (update on this: not going so well - working hard to increase supply, a friend is helping by pumping milk for Emma so she gets minimal formula in the SNS i use during nursing)

Here are some pics:
Proud Papa:
Proud big brother (and great (proud too) friend Melissa):

Big Bubber (see how much she looks like him?):

Emma with her Build-a-Bear - Funkin (will be taking a monthly picture with bear to compare size):

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Emma is here!!!!!!

Today is actually 8/8/08 and it is now 11:28am. I just had this great idea to create a draft to post when she is actually here...just have to fill in the blanks and post! How genius is that??? So here we go:

Emma Dawn Putnam
Born: 8/13/08 10:27 am
Weight: 7lbs9oz (correction: scale read 7.9lbs which converts to 7lbs 14.4oz)
Length: 20 1/2 inches

Mom and baby are doing wonderfully! Will post pics and birth story later.

Aden says "She is very pretty and I sang her a song like this:

don't letta fuss go bye

don't let the fussy go bye

right now in the rain drops

and don't be afraid of me

don't be a fussy ever again!"

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Millions of Peaches...

This is a song that has been stuck in our heads for the last several days. A friend of mine from ULSC mentioned going peach picking and i asked her to get us some so she did (THANKS NINA!). She got 1/2 a bushel which is equal to about 20 pounds. What does a family of 4 do with 20lbs of peaches?

Well some we have been eating - they are like candy! So yummy you can't have just one (oh wait that is chips, huh?). Anyway, there were some that needed to be used right away so i spent an evening out on my back porch peeling and cutting peaches while Aden played in the inflatable pool and Chet mowed. It was so peaceful, even with Chet mowing! Can you tell i love our home?
Anyway, i think i did about a million peaches until i had enough of shooing the 2 pesky flies away and retreated inside. We put them away (except for some i have used in my morning smoothies) until we had the supplies to make pies (today). Chet researched recipes and made a peach pie. I admit neither one of us tackled making the crust but the insides are all Chet's doing (well Aden helped a bit).
Ala there any other way to eat peach pie???
Look at how yummy the inside looks!

Chet cutting the first piece...such a smarty pants...the smile is him making fun of me taking pics of the momentous occasion! First homemade pie in our very own home!

None of us wanted to wait to eat it but we did and were so very rewarded! YUMMMMMMMY!!!!!!! He didn't want to make the second pie tonight so i think i might try my hand at it tomorrow (still using store bought crust, mind you) and use up the rest of the cut peaches.

Friday, August 8, 2008

What is this thing?

Chet and Aden were outside prepping to mow the yard (what else to do when waiting for baby sister to show signs of being born?) and found this:
We told him it was a cicada shell and i started trying to describe the process but failed miserably. So i said, "Hey, let's look it up!" We did a quick search and found this neat page with just enough info to satisfy what he wanted to know and boy did i learn a ton!
So the pics are of Aden and his new friend, the nymph exoskeleton. He doesn't want to touch or hold it, of course. He doesn't like cicadas because they "make that loud noise." We learned that the loud noise is the males serenading the females for mating purposes (why else?) after living 2-17 years (yes, years!) under ground on the root of a tree. So now he says, "I don't like their singing." Unschooling rocks - without it i wouldn't have been inclined to look this up. I mean really, i am sure Seth asked the same question when he was younger and i probably just said something like "its a locust shell, let's make a wish and crush it!" I certainly wouldn't have gone through the 'trouble' of looking it up and learning a bit myself in the process.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Build-A-Bear Workshop Experience

Everyone knows what Build-A-Bear is...well everyone except Aden and those like him who may be too young or just not been introduced yet. Today Chet took off work a bit early so we could take the boys to the mall and make Emma a Build-A-Bear. This is something i have wanted to do since conception but have procrastinated for various reasons. Chet, Seth and I had made a Monkey for Aden when he was en utero so it is kinda like a tradition.

So on the way i try to explain what we will be doing and Aden just doesn't really 'get it' but he knows we are doing something for Emma and he will get to do it for himself too. We get to the store and he zones in on....the one thing that he *would* zone in on...the T-Rex! I should have just let him do his first and then maybe he would have been able to focus on Emma's better but I was kinda trying to give Seth some more time to go roam the mall a bit so i wanted to do Emma's first. We (read Aden) decided that Emma needed a bear. I was leaning toward an super soft bunny (as was Chet and Seth) or even an elephant but he was determined. "Emma doesn't have a bear and she needs a bear." So we settled with a super soft bear with very little stuffing. We bought a $5 heart that actually beats (both in motion and sound). Then came the dressing - Aden wanted the bear to be a boy and have a basketball. All i will say about that was it was a melt-down waiting to happen so we decided to not dress the bear and just let him get his T-Rex.

That went much better, partly because he already knew what to expect and mostly because this was FOR him, not someone else. The dressing thing was a pain again because he wanted Spiderman costume which looked completely ridiculous on a T-Rex. thankfully he agreed and decided not to dress him. Then while we were typing in the birth certificate thing he found a small triceratops and pointed it out saying "T-Rex needs a friend." When checking out the triceratops i noticed clothes that had dinosaurs on them and pointed out the t-shirt T-Rex is now wearing (though you cant see much of the t-shirt in the pics).
While he was on his way to the check-out with Chet, i picked up a t-shirt that says "It's a girl" and bunny slippers for Emma's bear that Aden named Funkin (we thought he was saying Pumpkin but in clarifying we found out he really meant the "f"). After we left Seth took the pics of Chet and Aden and the Build-A-Bear bear and we had a worker-bee come out and take a pic of Emma's bear with the whole family.

Baby Shower

My amazing spiritual family at United Life Spiritual Center threw me a baby shower yesterday. I am so filled with gratitude for the time and effort that went into it all. The social hall was simply and tastefully decorated and it was a relaxed and welcoming environment. We played a few non-me-focused shower games. I don't like being in the lime-light so i am very glad they took that into account! In unwrapping the gifts no one was telling me to hurry up and just rip the and it was very evident that people had fun shopping for little miss Emma. Each gift was lovingly chosen with meaning (even if the meaning was simply - oh its so cute!). While i loved each of the gifts, i have to admit the thing that meant the most was when all the guests circled me and just as in "Sleeping Beauty" they each spoke a wish for Emma.
For those of you who came looking for a birth update: no sign of her coming today. My other 2 births happened as i feel this one will: waking after a great night sleep, having mild contractions and a knowingness that 'today is the day' then proceeding through the morning with this gentle wisdom and by mid to late afternoon holding a sweet little infant, after a easy and quick birth experience. So i will update here after Emma joins 'the outsiders'.