Friday, September 26, 2008

Emma is 6 weeks old

This pic is from 9/17/08, same date as last pic with Funkin. Emma is not really much bigger than last pic, just more stretched out:
Emma being 6 weeks brings up memories/thoughts of when the boys were this age. I was already back at work and Seth slept in a drawer at the salon while i worked. By this time he had already been pretty much everywhere since he was a summer baby and i bounced back rapidly, plus i bottle fed him due to early supply issues. Aden was overcoming significant weight loss due to my lack of milk supply. He had only been out of the house for Dr. visits due to being born during RSV season. And here we are with Emma, who overcame her weight loss early because i learned from Aden and we are working our tails off to increase supply. She has now been only to Dr. visits, Phoebe's house and today we ventured into BabiesRUs and Target to return some items. I have become more protective with each child, not sure if that is normal but it just seems they grow so fast, i dont want to miss a single thing.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Can't forget Seth...

...he won't let me. LOL!
Seth went to Not Back To School Camp for a week (Aug 28-Sept 4) and had to get his hair recolored first. I don't have pics right now but hoping to get some soon. Anyway, his hair looked very cool and he had a great time. He has plans for going to 2 sessions next year and is in process of getting a resume together to get a job to be able to save money for the trip. He had quite the experiences flying, one of them being that the flight from Denver to OKC on the way home was delayed due to weather. Luckily he had friends from camp to hang with while they were all waiting to get on planes to get home. I will try to post more later with pics but for now Emma needs to nurse. If you see Seth around, you might ask him how camp was.

What's Aden been up to?

I feel like this is becoming all the Emma channel "All Emma, All the Time" (teeheehee some of you will know that from Elmo's World on Sesame Street).

I have managed to take pics of some of Aden's activities throughout the last few weeks. Mostly he is in Emma's face saying "Isn't her cute?" and other terms of endearment. But there have been other things going on:
On 8/21 Chet and Aden built a house from the freezer box (got a new chest freezer for all the meals people were bringing..thanks ya'll):

And on 8/31 Aden painted a picture on our fence with mud and a stick (note mud hole in front of fence):

On 9/1

Aden got a new pool. The one Melissa got us had a air leak (prolly from the cat) and had to be disposed of so to compensate Chet took Aden to the store to pick out a pool...not much to choose from but he found "The coolest pool in the whole world" and in the second pic you can see why it is so very cool:

On 9/5 Chet took pics of the house to send his grandmother and Aden posed for her..."See this is our house":

Last but not least yesterday he did what he does the most of...playing with Emma:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nursed to sleep (no SNS)

Not sure who reads my blog vs. who gets email updates regarding Emma but i wanted to shout from the rooftops. Emma fell asleep while nursing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had the SNS all ready to go but she fell asleep before switching to the side w/ the SNS. She slept for about an hour with me carrying her around doing things even!
I am going to relish this feeling and focus on it as something else we have to look forward to when we have weaned off the SNS!

Friday, September 12, 2008


The amazing friend of mine that donates milk for Emma also made this very cute hat. My friend Brandy gave Emma this onesie. You can't really tell from the pics but there is a cat stitched on the chest that is the sme colors as the hat. Made a very cute ensamble and i just had to take pics: