Monday, December 29, 2008

Seth's Short Story

Seth just became a member of ‘quizilla’ which has several different uses, one of which is a space to write stories. He shared his first one with me and I asked if I could share it here. He has been tinkering with writing for years (had one book almost complete then lost it somehow) and I must say he is pretty darn good. Anyway, here is his most recent literature:

A Hunters Ambition (Short Story)
Created by EnchantedGatherings
Small story I came up with when I was bored. =P
Created by EnchantedGatherings on Sunday, December 28, 2008
As the sun’s cap peaked from the edge of the eastern horizon and the darkness of night faded, a lone hunter, by appearance no older than seventeen stumbled through the thin bushes spread along the tree line to a great pine forest. Small trickles of blood ran down his face and unclothed arms, these places had been struck and scraped by the thorns of bramble as he had raced between the trees. Ignoring his small wounds he trekked through the large meadow he had been working towards for days; his pack was torn to shreds and hung on his back under the quiver that held three, fairly thin, oak arrows, each with a deadly and razor sharp metal tip pointed down into the hardened leather. His tan shirt drenched with the water of the rain that had just cleared the sky’s thirty minutes before, and his brown pants fitting to him like a loose glove, held up by his ebony colored belt and his usual broad figure.
Trekking through the grass, his boots worn and covered in the fresh morning dew he walked for a little over an hour, covering at least a mile and finally coming to a stop at a beautiful patch of flowers, full of daisies, and a few un-named specimens of woodland flower. And in the center, there stood a small doe; her head was hidden in the flowers as she fed upon them. He smiled and silently crept closer to the creature, stopping twenty yards away he swung the unstrung yew bow from his shoulder, pressing the curved base against his boot and pushing down to string the tool, its wood creaked as it was flexed to form its normal crescent shape. He raised the bow straightening his back out and turning to the side with his left shoulder facing the doe. Bringing the bow to eye level, holding it in his left hand the string pressed against his skin, reaching back with his right he pulled a single arrow from the quiver.
Twisting his left wrist out a little to bring the string off the skin of his inner arm he slotted the arrow onto the string just above the small, clear bead in the center of it. He placed the center of the arrow on the small split he had formed with his thumb and the side of the bow, sliding his right fingers along the smooth arrow stopping at the string, placing his forefinger above it and his middle, and ring fingers below it; locking them into place by curving them inwards the underside of his first knuckles gripping the string. He grinned and pulled back with his right arm, forcing the string to bend and the bow to creak once more as it flexed back, pulling the tip of the arrow closer to the bow. He had stopped as his right hand reached his cheek, aiming for the doe’s neck and closing his eyes, whispering to himself. “I am sorry my friend, but I need the nourishment you provide; please forgive me once you reach your place of peace.” Opening his eyes and readjusting his aim, allowing the string to slip from his grasp and loosing the arrow with a twang, a sound that had echoed throughout the meadow and through the trees, causing a cloud of black birds to take flight and disappear into the horizon......

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Aden has been carrying around this box that his Deigo Dinosaur Rescue Mountain came in making sure we know that he wants all the accessories shown on the box. This afternoon he crawled in and it amazed me that he fit, even with it closed! It has a handle on top and Chet can even lift him up and carry him around in the box, so funny! We had to get proof:

Friday, December 26, 2008

Emma is sitting up!!!!!

Christmas day, amongst the wrapping paper, Emma displayed some great torso strength and i just had to get pics.
Yesterday she sat up quite a bit with minimal steadiness from me..."she still has a round bottom" (as my mom used to say) so she still wobbles a bit sometimes.

High Blood Pressure

On Sat. Dec. 13th around 1:00 in the afternoon I was overtaken with a severe headache that was indescribable other than to say it felt like someone was squeezing my brain then letting go - a slow pulsating feeling and it was the worst headache i have ever had. I suffered with it for a few hours, not being able to lay down or sit or stand. I finally let Chet call the nurse line and they said i needed to go to an urgent care. So we went and they took my vitals as usual and discovered my blood pressure was 201/118 and sent me to the ER. The ER did a whole work-up including a head CT and Lumbar Puncture (to make sure it wasn't meningitis), gave me some intravenous morphine that merely took the edge off the headache. And since they didn't find anything wrong, sent me home with prescription of Lortab and told me to follow-up with my Dr on Monday about the high blood pressure.
Monday i got an appointment with my Dr. (Dr. T) and since my bp was 220/100 in her office, she put me on a blood pressure med (on this med my bp was steady around 143/95) and sent me for a CT of my lower torso - specifically the kidney's. On Friday she got the results back that say both my kidney's are small. The right one is smaller than the left and the artery to it is small as well. I do not know how small in relation to normal which is irritating to me. Monday morning we set up an appointment with a vascular surgeon for Tuesday. Monday afternoon at our follow-up appt. Dr. T put me on a 'mild sedative' due to anxiety that is causing me not to be able to sleep or eat.
Tuesday was disappointing. The surgeon (Dr. M) was just very straight forward, no real personality. Just came in and said we will do an arteriogram and ever so briefly described how it works. He did say that if there was blockage he would fix it right then. He also said that if he felt like something needed to be done about my kidney's he would refer me to a nephrologist. I walked away from that appointment more anxious than ever because i had gone in wanting answers and was just told that his office would call and tell me when to be where. As we were leaving a nurse caught us and told me that Dr. M wanted me on another bp med and gave me a few months worth of samples. So now i am on 2 bp meds and my bp is hovering at 117/75.
Dr. T asked me to call her after my appt so i did and when she called me back we talked about the appointment and my anxiety. She asked what i am anxious about and i told her mostly the unknown and the shock of it all and the fact that no one is able to tell me anything about my kidney's and what i need to do or might need to research. I told her i want to see a nephrologist even if Dr. M doesn't think i need to. She knows of a great one that she will refer me to after my arteriogram. This makes me feel a bit better but i am still anxious about the unknown, the arteriogram and the fact that this kind of thing isn't supposed to happen to me!
I have been able to curb the anxiety without meds most of the time mostly because i hate taking medicines and i hate the side effect of being so drowsy. I have started a modified South Beach Diet (actually its Phase 2 instead of starting with Phase 1) and Chet is doing it with me. I have also started walking on a treadmill a friend loaned me (thanks Aubree) but Dr. T wants me to take it easy until we get my bp all figured out and such so only 2 mph for now.
I have been spending time looking for bright spots in this and the biggest one i can think of is that i am so very grateful that i was able to give birth to Emma at home with ease. The next biggest one is that i am grateful I have such a wonderful husband and amazingly supportive friends. I am working on my faith as with this news and my recent breastfeeding challenges it really wavered so that can be considered a bright spot as well. I have great kids that are mostly helpful and sympathetic when i am lacking energy. We are blessed with great insurance. Dr. T looked at my kidney's first instead of last. I have many people praying for me. I do have so many things to be grateful for that are not directly related to the situation and i am constantly reminding myself of them and finding new ones.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not My Choice - Damn It!

As of this morning we are no longer breastfeeding. I am soooooooo sad. Everything was going well for us, Emma clearly enjoyed nursing. Then Sat. I got this horrible headache and Chet had to feed her several times during the weekend because i couldn't. I ended up in the ER due to high blood pressure and then had to follow up with my doctor on Monday. She sent me to get a CT which required iodine contrast. I was told by the hospital staff that i couldn't nurse for 48 hours afterwards. The next day i found out that i was misinformed and could have kept nursing her so i tried latching her on...she has nursed only about 4 times since then and refused to latch all day yesterday. I told myself i would try one more time this morning and though she did latch, she didn't stay on for more than 15 seconds. My supply is no where near what it was due to having to stop taking Dom because of my high blood pressure.
This journey has been bittersweet. I was able to nurse her for 4 months, much longer than the boys but the whole time was a struggle until a few weeks ago when i stopped trying everything and just decided to redefine our nursing relationship. So we had a few weeks of peaceful nursing with supplementation that i will cherish for the rest of my life and that she wont ever remember. I miss it terribly...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Aden's Gingerbread House

We had FYI friends over on Monday for a Holiday Party. We made gingerbread houses out of graham crackers. Everyone brought crackers and candy to decorate and i made royal icing and colored icing. Aden got to make one with the help of Heather (thanks!) since i was busy with Emma. Everyone had a good time and there were some great creations. I wish i had got a pic of all of it going on and afterward... I was lucky to get this pic of Aden's after it kept falling and Heather convinced him it just made it easier to eat...which he did that evening, every last bite!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jingle Bells - Aden's version

I have video of him singing this but i cant get it from my phone to the computer yet. I just *had* to post the words to what Aden calls "Jingle Bells Shells"

Jingle bells, Jingle bells
Jingles all the way
It's almost fun to ride and share
With everyone in the waaaaaay

repeat over and over and over...and over