Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sleet/Snow Play

Today was the first accumulation of snowfall for OKC. It started as sleet disguised as snow (at least Aden thought it was snow) then later in afternoon became actual snow. I L-O-V-E the first snowfall. Always have but after living in CO for awhile, it has even more excitement to it for me. The kids being excited too is just icing on the cake! Having an infant makes my excitement/play more subdued so we werent out as much as i prolly would have been otherwise. Here are some pics...
Just CUTE!
Aden grabbed a handful of sleet and yelled "Snowball fight" and threw particles of sleet into the air at me...teeheehee:
Seth provided music by opening his window and placing his amp facing out and playing his guitar. He really does participate in our family fun, just not how *i* would expect...lol
Right before we went in for the morning, Aden caught snowflakes...ummm sleetballs...on his tongue. They started coming down harder and he started saying "ouch" every time he stuck out his tongue...lol
After warming up and drying off, Aden wanted to go back out this afternoon. Chet is working from home today so he took a break and took Aden out front to 'sled' down the driveway:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Emma likes Carrots

Emma started solids. I tried organic rice cereal and she gagged on it no matter what consistency so i thought maybe some veggies would be a bit smoother. My friend, Melissa, and i were browsing through BabiesRUs Sat. night and came across veggie and fruit starter kits by Earths Best Organics so i bought both (cheaper to do that and get individual jars). Opened them the other day and started with carrots. She wasn't quite sure at first but once she realized how to swallow them she really liked it. I limited her at first cuz i didn't know how much she would eat then found she would eat most of a jar (2.5 oz) at a sitting. She blew through the carrots and we tried peas today - they were a bit thicker than the carrots and she gagged but once i thinned them out a bit she did great and seems to like them as well. Next is sweet potatoes and i am sure she will love them! How fun and messy it is to explore new tastes!

Fade to Black

Well Seth tired of his red and black hair and just went black this time. He reminds me of a young me but he would hate me saying that...lol.
We had a pretty good convo yesterday in which i found out that he doesn't just sit in front of the computer roll playing and chatting (i knew that but its how it feels sometimes). He has an interest in psychology (i knew that) and he has been reading college psych textbooks online (didn't know that). I have been trying to figure out what his next step might need to be and what keeps coming up is taking the ACT and getting into college...ack already!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's Next? (BP update)

So, today was my follow-up with my regular doctor (Dr. T). My appt was at 10:30 and finally about 11am i get called back then about 11:15 Dr. T. comes in. She hadn't even reviewed the results faxed to her from the vascular surgeon (Dr. M). She did so in front of me and turns out results of the arteries of both kidney's is 10% stenosis (narrow). I ask, "Are they narrow due to plaque or because they are small?" Dr. T says, "It doesn't say." In my head, "Well that is great, a $7000 procedure done to really find out nothing!"

So basically i told her what the next steps will be.

  1. She will refer me to a nephrologist to get my questions answered about my kidneys - hopefully they will do an ultrasound IN OFFICE to show me what is meant by "small" and "narrow" and what Dr. M is saying is "not abnormal."
  2. She will run fasting 'advanced' labs to find out cholesterol levels and size of the lipids as well as other things that will tell us what percentage risk i am for heart attack/stroke and hopefully she will know how to read the said labs to determine that as Dr. Agatston's book "South Beach Heart Program" says is possible.
  3. Depending on lab results i will possibly go to a cartiologist to get stress test, heart scan and corotid ultrasound. I kinda want to go to a cartiologist anyway for them to read the lab results (wish Dr. Agatston was based in OK) but i am willing to wait and see.

I am not going to be satisfied with "you just have high blood pressure" because that is NOT normal in a 37 year old caucasian woman and really is not normal in anyone even though is has become 'the norm' for the general population that eats horribly and is overweight. Good point is i have lost 7 pounds since i was in her office last - of course *some* of that could be the clothes i was wearing but i think i was dressed similarly.

I will update again when i get the lab results back and/or have been to the nephrologist. Thanks for continued prayers and energy!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Aden's Birthday Party

Aden had his 4th birthday party today. There were 12 kids here but at times it sounded like 20 or so. From all the squeals and laughter, i think everyone had a good time. Aden really enjoyed every minute of it and was sad when everyone went home. Chet took lots of pictures but i will only post a few here. I cant believe my baby boy is 4!

Happy Birthday To You....

Licking Icing off the cake toppers

The party people
There was no alcohol available, i promise...

Emma's New Hat

My dear friend Phoebe is a whiz with the knitting needles and luckily likes to knit little hats. I tried knitting and just dont have a knack for it...or its just not priority...so i asked her to make hats for Emma with the yarn i started with. Here is the one she got today. Oh its just so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Fee!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Saga Continues (BP update)

So yesterday was my arteriogram. One of my friends (thanks Felicia) watched Aden and Emma and Chet took me. I called my practitioner on the way so she could pray for/with me to help with my nerves. I am so grateful for all the peace-filled prayers that have been said for me over the last several weeks. They have helped me get through this without having to take much of my anxiety med. Anyway, we got to Mercy Heart Hospital at exactly 9am and the staff was so welcoming and helpful. It was set up very efficiently and I think I said my name and birth date a million times…lol Anyway, around 10:30 they wheeled me into the “cath room” which they told me is very cold…it was more along the lines of freezing. They got me all hooked up and started the IV sedation. The surgeon came in asking how I was to which I said “nervous” and he said the nurse was taking care of that. Then went about talking with his colleague about the music that was playing. Turned to me to say “We are trying to talk about other things to keep your mind off of what we are doing” then said I would feel a ‘bee sting’ in my leg. Bee sting is not the right description but I don’t know what would be…OUCH! Right after he did that the nurse put more ‘sleepy med’ in my IV and that is the last I remember until they were done. They wheeled me out of the cath room and to my room. They were getting me settled in my room again and said “The doctor didn’t find any blockage” and I started crying. Not because I wanted them to find blockage but because that meant there is not yet an answer to why my bp spiked so high and will only come down with 2 bp meds. Chet came in about that same time and the rest for a bit was a blur of me asking questions and crying and people getting me set in my room. I laid on my back for about an hour or so then they came in to take the catheter out of my leg. The nurse put pressure (she may as well been sitting on it) and OUCH! She practically stood on my leg for about 30 min to make sure I wouldn’t bleed-out. My bp dropped quite a bit to the point I was very light headed and felt if it went any lower I would pass out. They kept a close eye on it of course. After the 30 min of pain from her pushing on the sorest part of my body, I had to lay there for another while. Then she came in to ask if I wanted a sandwich and sat me up more in the bed. I said yes then she asked what I wanted to drink. I said “Beer?” teeheehee she thought I was serious! You should have heard the silence and seen the look on her face! I finally said I was kidding and just wanted water. By 2:15 I was getting dressed to leave and they wheeled me to the car Chet had pulled around.
We went to get the kids and came home. I felt amazingly better than I thought I would. Just pretty tired and a little sore. Today I am tired and sore but not as much. I can’t lift anything over 5lbs for 3 days or else there is a chance I will bleed and end up in the hospital and possibly a transfusion (it was a major artery they went in after all). Therefore, I am not allowed to lift Emma so Chet brings her to me to fed her and put her to sleep. Last night was hard because he had to keep getting up to warm bottles… He keeps saying we will get through this and I know we will but it sure is hard to see him doing so much around here when usually it is more fairly divided.
The next step is following up with my doctor and her doing an ultrasound of my kidney’s (not sure what she is supposed to be looking for) per the vascular surgeon. I will also see a nephrologist per my request so ask all the questions I have about my kidney’s. I don’t know where we will go from there but I am not satisfied with anyone saying “You just have high blood pressure like 95% of the population” so will do what I can to find out why…