Saturday, April 25, 2009

10 more days left (37 day challenge)

Here it is DAY 27 and i have walked 13 of those days. What started my decline was saying "i will walk at medieval faire in stead of the treadmill. I *did* walk (how could i not?) and some of it was even fast paced like on the treadmill but most of it was wandering aimlessly...not really exercise. Then little things kept popping up that needed to be done or a sleepless nite or something of the sort. I recommitted this past Monday and had noticed that with that recommitment i was rejuvenated. So i decided that i needed to take the weekends to be lazy and recommit each Monday. Great plan until we had to take Chet to the ER for a kidney stone on Wednesday. I was still in my recommitted frame of mind and ended up very disappointed that i didn't get to walk. Having Chet home makes it hard to be in routine because there is another person here who isn't accustomed to our routine so it throws all of us off a bit. Its not his fault, that's just how it is. So i am determined to finish the 37 day challenge and will recommit again on Monday (Chet will hopefully be back at work so it will be easier) going through Friday then taking the weekend off.
I discovered that even though i NEED to walk and shed these extra pounds, its not something i really look forward to so its easier to procrastinate. The reason for choosing this for my 37 day challenge was to get into routine and make it a habit. I will work on that more by recommitting each Monday. BUT the reason behind the 37 day challenge is to do something for 37 days that encourages/enables us to live life more fully. I interpret that to mean living our dreams so there are no regrets when our '37 days' are up. I have been thinking about this quite a bit the last few days.
Since having Seth, i have been slowing loosing sense of self. Have put things *I* want to do on the back burner and they have been simmering away to almost nothing. I have NOT been living the life i desire, rather making sure my kids get to do that. I see this as a huge disservice to them and i regret that. They *should* see me fulfilling my dreams, making a point to get my needs met as well as getting their needs and dream fulfilled.
Some things to choose from in my next 37 day challenge:
  • Learn American Sign Language and look into cost and availability of becoming an ASL interpreter.
  • Horseback riding (owning own horses some day)
  • Reading for fun or for myself, not parenting books (I will start with "Life Is A Verb" committing to doing the exercises after each chapter)
  • Camping
  • Babies (volunteering to help/hold)
  • Organizing (getting my whole house organized the way i want it...shouldn't take 37 days)
  • Blogging with pictures (i have a LOT to catch up on)

There might be more but for now that is a good list to choose from. Today being Saturday i am focusing on meal prep for the week. Monday will be day 29 and i will only have 8 more days so next week is my last week for that challenge. I will continue to walk Monday - Friday, of course! Check back here to know what i choose for my next 37 days.