Thursday, June 18, 2009


1. Open the fourth picture folder on your computer
2. Select the fourth picture in the folder
3. Post the picture to your blog & explain the picture
4. Tag 4 people to do the same

This was kinda funny cuz, i havent a clue about this pic. It was taken on 12/25/2006 which was before i met Chet. The only thing i can figure is this was significant to him that day... I happen to love the windchimes and hummingbird feeder hanging on the porch. Wouldnt you like to be sitting our there in a big comfy outdoor chair with an occational cool breeze, reading a book or just being?

I was tagged by Phoebe and she tagged everyone so i am gonna ditto that!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Play Dates

I am not sure where Aden picked up the term 'play date' because i really don't use it very often but lately he has been mentioning wanting to do play dates. Ironically, some of my mom friends with kids his age and I have been talking about getting the kids together more. So today we had a planned play date with Aden's friend, Gilbert (as well as Emma's friend Gloria and my friend Phoebe). I don't usually tell Aden about plans until right before they are supposed to happen because of his limited understanding of the concept of time and in case plans fall through. So today i asked Aden if he wanted to go have a play date with Gilbert. And he very emphatically said, "Yeah! I have been waiting for a play date with Gilbert!" I mentioned we needed to hurry and get ready because we were running late. He said, "I don't want to be late, hurry Mommy let's go!" It was soooo very cute to watch him be so excited :-}. On the way out the door he said, "I'm gonna play with their dinosaurs." i giggled to myself because, when does the boy not want to play with dinos? He hurried to their door and was met with great excitement, went inside and disappeared up their stairs before i could even get Emma out of the car! A bit later he came downstairs and saw me and he asked, "Why are you here Mommy?" I had to giggle at that too because not once did i say i was dropping him off but i also didn't mention staying either. I explained that Phoebe is my friend so while he plays with Gilbert, I get to talk with Phoebe. He seemed okay with that and went back to playing. He was upset when it came time to leave but i assured him we would play again soon. He fell asleep on the way home and is now laying on the couch probably dreaming of the dinosaur he found underneath their couch :-} Happy sighs for play dates, great friends, good sleep and of course dinosaurs!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Short post to say we have been pretty busy doing stuff since the weather has been so great. I promise to take some time to post pics and such as soon as i can. Real quick, as i type the boys are wrestling on the couch and Emma is watching them curiously. All are growing faster than i would like. Hope everyone 'out there' is doing well!