Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good-bye Breast Milk Diapers

Earlier today Aden said, "Something stinks!" I found myself saying, "It's Emma's diaper. I need to change her." This may be commonplace in many households and i remember it being so when the boys were tiny and on formula but for the last 13 months, there was no reason to say those words. Why? Well because as most of you know, Emma has been on donor breast milk since she was about 1 week old aaaand breast milk fed baby's poop doesnt stink.
Emma has been eating solids for a while now but still, no real change in smell because MOST of her diet is still milk. A few weeks ago we started slowly weaning her (out of necessity) to raw goats milk. This week we are at a ratio of 3oz breast milk/5oz goats milk. I noticed a slight change in smell yesterday and today was more defined.
I bet you are wondering why i am blogging about poop after not saying a damn thing for about 2 months. Well, because it's kind of a milestone. Emma is now consuming more 'other' foods and less breast milk. This makes me sad for a variety of reasons in no real order. 1) diapers stink 2) no more breast milk 3) she's growing last baby is growing up.
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