Friday, January 15, 2010

Anyone here?

It has been quite a while since my last blog post. I even have it as my homepage so it pops up as a reminder EVERYDAY. It is so much easier to just post 1 or 2 lines on FB, i guess.
In case ya'll do still check for posts here:
I am in Fitness Bootcamp this month and loving it - even the waking at 5am (unless the kids dont sleep, then its harder). I love the me time i get to and from class as well.
Aden has been exploring hot wheels and zhu-zhu pets (in addition to dinos) and just told me the other day he wants to practice writing letters of the alphabet. We are participating in a pen pal exchange with members of our unschool group so i figure he will do more and more of the writing as it goes on. He is sleeping in his own dino room, which is a huge switch for all of us!
Emma is climbing everything to get into everything. I like her curiosity, just wish it didnt involve bodily harm and so many additional She seems to like music and dancing as well as mixing. We shall see what all that develops into :)
Seth started the second semester in school and has a goal of a 4.0 for the semester. He has also auditioned for the Spring performance at school. Hoping for the role of 'the dentist' in Little Shop of Horrors. He had call backs yesterday and feels more confident. We find out today if he got the part or not...i sure hope so!
Chet is working his tail off as usual.
We have a goal of being more financially responsible and free this year so we are all working towards that. It will be nice to have better money management!

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