Sunday, February 21, 2010


The past few days have been a mostly pleasant blur of getting things done and doing family things.

We have spent several days with a new "rest time" after lunch. Not a specific time because lunch is always flexible whenever the kids get hungry. So far Aden has slept every day and Emma has slept all but one. It has been a huge adjustment for us because mornings used to be our time of lazing around and/or getting tasks accomplished at home and afternoons were for outings. With the after lunch rest time, we tend to not be ready to leave the house until about 2:30ish or so. And I still think mornings would be hard to get out of the house. I think that we will spend more time at home for a while...with a few exceptions, of course.

Our experiment is morphing starting today. We decided prepping dinner and juggling the littles was too difficult a task to sustain for longer than the week we did. So we now "allow" the kitchen light on whilst making dinner. After 7pm, the only light on is the one above the help cut down on candle usage and have a low-lit room (no dimmers in the living room so this is our option). Due to Aden's fear of the dark, we also are turning on the bathroom light when that room is in use.

I have asked that the kids each pick 1 - 3o min show they want to watch. Not during meals or after dinner. I know Emma wants Sesame Street so we will watch 1/2 of it alternating 1st and last each day for a few days. Aden chose Dinosaur King. Seth hasn't said but i figure it will be Two and a half Men. So we will go with these changes for a while to see how things flow.

We visited Nature's Treasures today. It has been probably 8-10 years since i was there how time flies. Anyway, we went for 2 reasons. The first was to get some smoky quartz to help buffer the negative energy of the electronics when we have them on and the second was to get "something" to help Aden's fears from that damn movie. I asked the woman working what might be best and since we were talking about stones anyway, she looked up this: Rhodochrosite - She suggested putting between mattress and box springs and i got some for him to put in his pocket (1 for pocket and a few extras) he also wanted to get a dream catcher so we did and it is above his bed now. The stone in his pocket has actually been AMAZING. Before dinner, i picked him up and there was this "Aden-ness" about him that i hadn't felt since watching the movie. I said, "You know, that's one magical stone you have in your pocket?!" He said, "How do you know?" And i said, "Cuz, your energy has changed. I have my Aden back." He grinned and said, "Yep, you do!"

Tomorrow my friends are coming to do a house cleansing/blessing. I am very much looking forward to it and we spent some time today decluttering the few spaces in the house that still needed it. We didn't get to the laundry room or the garage but the main parts of the house are clutter-free which feels really great!

Oh and with our tax refund we paid off our only remaining credit card (and put them away) and ordered a new, much needed, bed for us. We need to find bedding because we are upgrading to a king but other than that and a few items we have been needing, the remainder of the refund is sitting in an emergency savings account which we have a solid plan to build upon. Man does THAT feel great too!


Faith Dyson said...

Things sound really good today!

Melissa said...

I am so happy that things are working so well for you~! Yay for energy changes and the house cleansing~! :)

littleoldladyinashoe said...

Job well done Aden and Christy!!!
Where is this Nature place at?
I think I need to visit.
Do any stones help with health problems?
You always sem to have it so together. Maybe I should just rub you for some of that spirit! :-)

personal_balance said...

Thanks you all!

I created a hyperlink in the text to their website. I am sure there are stones for specific health on the like of the stone i bought for Aden and check out that site (i am sure there are many others).