Sunday, February 28, 2010

The End

The experiment with electronics is over - for the most part. It brought the expected results and more. We are all getting to bed at more regular hours, allowing us to get better sleep. The littles are still waking to get in bed with us though. Emma usually wakes about 1 and Aden about 5 though sometimes they switch. We are planning to start taking turns getting them back to sleep in their own beds in hopes of them eventually just staying there all night.

We actually have a semblance of a routine now. Never had anything looking like one before and none of it was forced. We generally shoot for reading time to be no later than 9pm...not demanding, just guiding. If we can be reading by 9, they are both asleep around 9:30 (though sometimes it extends to 10)...I would like to start aiming for 8:30 read time for this reason. Then waking between 7 and 8 seems to be the norm. From there we have breakfast earlier than before and Emma has been playing through what was her morning nap. Lunch is way earlier than before (around 11am) then a guided rest/quiet time. We actually have a regular snack time now...before we would eat lunch so late Aden would snack a bit before dinner but nothing regular. Dinner is earlier too.

I anticipate more trips to the library. With this new routine we have been reading a lot more. I mean we read quite a bit before but the kids are asking to read even more. Aden is showing an interest in how things are spelled and "what's that word" so we might be doing some reading and/or writing stuff soon (when he is ready). He is also showing more interest in doing craftyish/artsy things so i am working to organize and accumulate supplies. Emma loves to color and do what Aden is doing so i have been putting her in her seat (helps keep her entertained and out of Aden's way).

So we reintroduced TV last week - 30-min each child. Aden was so focused on "its my tv time" that i nearly went mad. I am not against TV at all but would like to keep our electronic usage down more than it was before. So, we are keeping TV/electronics off until after breakfast. Turning them off for meal times and rest time, then again after dinner. So essentially the TV is on between breakfast and lunch then after rest time to dinner. I don't know how many hours that is nor do i care. I think it will work well for our family. I will be doing the same with the computer/my phone usage for the most part.

Lights are still going to be kept at a minimum to help keep our routine. Lights only on when NEEDED to do certain task in certain room then after dinner, only the kitchen sink light will be on. I have even noticed a difference in just having the 'reading light' on in Aden's room before bed - harder to get them to sleep...need to lower the wattage i guess.

We are focusing more on keeping the routine instead of focusing on obligations outside the house. There are times we will need to be out and about but i am going to keep that to a minimum for a while. Weekends will be some of the exception. We plan to go drumming on Friday nights, do a family movie or family game on Sat. night and Sunday we plan to have some kind of fun family outing (of course flexibility is key).

So, i think the experiment was a success. We seem to all be the better for it all and are glad its over cuz we don't do real well with "rules" around

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