Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Interesting day

Yesterday was filled with activity. We went to the library with FYI which was mostly good -meeting new faces and friends, good people, good books, respectful computer sharing - all the great stuff that comes with FYI. There were some not so great moments for me (and others) though. Emma's massive tantrum due to lack of nap (towards the beginning of our time there) and the librarians controlled tantrum about us being there without calling first (towards the end of our time there).

I am going to have to turn into flaky mom until Emma is a bit older, i think. I am going to have to stay home if Emma doesn't take her morning nap (which so far seems to be her best nap of the day). So unless it is something that absolutely requires my participation, Emma's naps will be a factor in us attending or not.

The rest of our day was spent driving which always puts the kids to sleep. Aden slept for a short while and Emma got a really good nap in. I worried that both of them would be hard to get to sleep but it was actually a lot like the night before. We did get them to bed later than planned but that was mostly because we needed milk for Emma's bedtime bottle and i made dinner a bit later. Aden did get in bed with us about 1:30 but he slept soundly.

Seth is actually doing pretty well with this whole thing. Of course he doesn't like it but he generally doesn't like anything we do (even if i think he will). He is doing a lot of reading (HP series for the millionth time). I would like to see him doing his homework or finding other creative/constructive ways to spend his time...we shall see.

Some things we are talking about doing once our experiment is over:
  • Only having lights on at certain times (like to make and eat dinner and after that having just a small light on).
  • Only having tv on for certain pre-determined shows. This will take some planning but i really think it will be better than having it on all the time and the kids wont be limited as much as if we said "only an hour a day"
  • Only having computer on at specified times (during Emma's naps for Aden to explore, and me fitting in 1 hour a day plus my UBAM training/calling needs)
  • Using brown quartz to buffer the negative energies of the electronics when we do have them on/plugged in.

My friends are coming over on Monday to do the house cleansing/blessing. This weekend we plan to eliminate the last bits of clutter in the house and hope to pack up some things in the garage that are taking up space/stagnant energy.

We were going to go to the Science Museum Oklahoma today but i need to stay home. Tomorrow is Aden's endo appointment then Chet is off on Friday and we will go to SMO then as well as go visit Chet's grandma and take Chet's dad out for birthday dinner. Busy rest of week so i need this break today.

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Melissa said...

I like that your experiment has evolved when your family could tell that portion of it wouldn't work. Sending tons of positive thoughts your way.

What do the brown quartz do?