Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Up with the chickens

It seems i have much catching up to do...I haven't blogged since the 13th. I would love to recap the last couple of days but honestly, i don't remember things well enough to reiterate. I do know that the night before last and last night went well in getting the kids to sleep and they slept well. Valentine's night, Aden woke and got in bed with us but was not wiggly at all. In fact, i don't remember even looking at the time when he got in bed. Last night, Emma woke and got in bed with us (about 3:30ish).

I have been giving Aden (and myself) Rescue Remedy in our water during the day. He still is having issues with Coraline and he says the Rescue Remedy is helping him not be so worried. Chet is a huge help at night, when Aden has the most issue with it. He is good at talking Aden down from his freak-out and describing how/why the movie isn't real.

Yesterday morning, I woke Aden at about 8:45 and he said, in a surprised voice, "Wow, Mommy, did you sleep good?" To which i replied, "Pretty good, actually. Did you?" And he said, "Well, yes, i did! It has been a long time since i slept that good." I am pretty impressed that he stayed in his own bed all night last night and am curious to see how he slept.

Yesterday was harder on us as far as no computer and tv goes. I checked email before i got Aden up and there was business related items that needed attention so i was tempted to check on it all day. I did boot up the computer a few times to check on things but then turned it right back off. I also talked on the phone yesterday more then the first 2 days and admittedly texted more than i should have. I think this made Aden miss TV more. Seth has told friends about his mom's crazy idea and one felt so sorry for him, he offered for Seth to come stay for a few weeks! lol.

Chet and i have been taking time to hang out and reconnect after the kids go to sleep. Before, that time was filled with doing dishes and other things. Now its dark and washing dishes by candle light isn't very effective so i do them the next day. Speaking of which - Aden helped me unload and load the dishwasher yesterday - totally unprompted! He wanted to help with the hand wash but leaning over the sink like that was killing my back.

Today, there is no real business i need to attend to so i will be focusing more on the kids and see how that goes. We have a park day planned today (though it might turn into a library day) and then driving to Edmond to get adjustments and some apples (i admit i am addicted to Honeycrisp).

Okay, so in all the experiment seems to be going well. Emma woke at 6:15 this morning, we moved from bed to couch and snuggled on the couch until the sun was shining through the window (and Daddy was through getting ready). Today, we woke with the chickens...

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Melissa said...

I'm glad to hear that your experiment has been a positive experience for the most part for everyone. (Sorry it's so hard for you, Seth.)

Sending peaceful, positive vibes for Aden.